In this day and age, most of us are overwhelmed with an Information flood of schedules, stock prices, weather forecasts, e-mails, RSS feeds, and, need I mention social networks like Twitter and Facebook. All these bits of information are important and we really cannot ignore them, but how much time do you have to spend just reading through everything. It’s enough to make us frantically jump from a site to site, and app to app eating up precious minutes of our day.

Voice Brief from the iTunes app store can help save your precious time by reading your important daily updates aloud to you as you go about your daily business. It’s as easy as launching Voice brief, then pressing play. Voice brief collects the data you want to hear, and reads it to you using state-of-art voice synthesizers. Just launch it and play while you are driving to work, eating breakfast, brushing your teeth, or while you’re still in bed.

What is Voice Brief?

Made on a Mac

Motion ruler and Voice Brief both are product of CIM SOFT LLC, owned by DongHyun Baik.

Motion ruler demo video is available here.

Looking for Motion ruler?

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